Sunday, August 8, 2010


Finally its time to get down to being serious about all this mark making and funnel it into something a bit more cohesive. It looks like there will be an exhibition of some kind relating to this whole experience and it will involve the four of us - Me, Jo, Astrid and Portia. Its going to be a family art exhibition and fundraiser combined. Jo and I were up till about 12:30 last night discussing it such was our excitement. We started seeing connections and having ideas that fueled others and its got us all fired up. So now we have to start getting the work together.

The first image is part of a series of images from purely digital source files which I'm going to get big, high quality, archival prints of. They will be limited edition and framed. The other one is a recent journal image I think I overworked but I like the strangeness of. The next few months are going to be busy as we create and plan everything. Its going to be fantastic to have something to work towards.

What I'm most excited about is to see how all 3 girls express themselves and document how they are feeling about this whole period its going to be really enlightening to go through it with them and hopefully we will all experience a good level of catharsis from the whole exercise and perhaps raise enough money to do something nice together.

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Karen said...

Great Idea Darren!... Can't wait till SHOWTIME...