Sunday, August 1, 2010


I always come back to my first love - drawing funny drawings of weird creatures, people or animals. Its what I know and its a place of comfort for me. They serve no function other than to amuse me and allow me to keep my chops up. I'm trying to improve my brush skills, and using an average quality brush is sometimes better than using a $50 pure sable implement that is so amazing it will practically paint the picture for you. The challenge of a slightly ratty, too fat old brush is trying to tame it into doing delicate thin lines and then break out into fat curvaceous lines in the same stroke.

I met a fellow artist tonight Frederick Frizelle, he's in the same ward and dealing with a tumour in his brain and one in his lung. He's 60 something and quite well established :

I like his work and he was good to talk to.

Enjoy my latest additions for what they are, mindless distractions designed to make the corners of your mouth curl up slightly...

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