Thursday, August 12, 2010


"I see the divine in a doodle"

I am an incessant doodler. I think of it as serving a number of important functions in an artists practice:

1. It is a form of daydreaming but with a visual end product. It is as if you stuck a tap into a barrel and let the contents pour out at the fully open setting without any filtration. I see it as the unfettered link to the artist's subconscious and often reveals a lot but sometimes is quite boring or uninspired.

2. Doodling is like taking notes it can help organise thoughts and ideas and try things out before moving on to the next step of refining ideas into something that will be effective communication.

3. To me it can be like jogging, yoga or meditation. It helps me relax whilst also excercising the muscles of the brain and body associated with my craft.

4. Every piece of art I have ever created started as a doodle. It is an essential practice and not to be smirked at even if it has a silly name.

5. It helps keep you loose and freed up - it keeps your feet on the ground and also can help to simplify large or complex projects.

Here are a compilation, the greatest hits of many pages from my journals. This will be a regular excercise I will partake in and the chronology of when I did any given doodle will be unknown but I will throw together things I think connect somehow.

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