Friday, July 30, 2010


I know this is very pretentious, self-aggrandising and arrogant but isn't that why we do blogs in the first place. Here are some thoughts that have been flowing through my head, so why not
present them in a graphic novel style...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Further visual explorations and expressions on my journey through this hospital stay and beyond. I’ve gradually taken over my room with all my bits and pieces and I find my bed sometimes awash in pens, paints, paper, glue sticks and various other  art related ephemera. The South Africans have a brilliant word for a person’s mess (my spelling will be wrong probably) they call it “muttajalla” what a great word. I am having great bursts of creativity followed by lulls. I am letting it all flow out with no set agenda and allowing images to evolve naturally.

I’ve got a scanner  in my room now (thank you Fayne and Gary) so I can be a bit more up to date with my latest noodlings. I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men and also got hold of some really old National Geographics so if you notice a subtle  Madison Avenue influence oozing into my work you'll know where it's from.

Sometimes a bit of darkness seeps in as its hard to avoid - I'm allowing it all to be processed figuring that if I deal with it visually then I can see what's uppermost in my subconscious. My attitude is to have a balance of the light and the dark and the light is winning hands down at the moment. A great song to accompany these images is called " I See a Darkness" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Search for it in Itunes, it'll cost you $1.69 if you have an account. Its spine-tingling stuff.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is great. The band my brother was in has finally released their CD. They are Disquiet and the CD is titled "April Distance" I did the artwork and design for the case and I'm beside myself in anticipation of recieving a copy and getting to hear the complete album.

Download it here:

I'll let you know when the hard copy becomes availble to order .

Here is a look at the outside and inside of the case: