Thursday, July 29, 2010


Further visual explorations and expressions on my journey through this hospital stay and beyond. I’ve gradually taken over my room with all my bits and pieces and I find my bed sometimes awash in pens, paints, paper, glue sticks and various other  art related ephemera. The South Africans have a brilliant word for a person’s mess (my spelling will be wrong probably) they call it “muttajalla” what a great word. I am having great bursts of creativity followed by lulls. I am letting it all flow out with no set agenda and allowing images to evolve naturally.

I’ve got a scanner  in my room now (thank you Fayne and Gary) so I can be a bit more up to date with my latest noodlings. I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men and also got hold of some really old National Geographics so if you notice a subtle  Madison Avenue influence oozing into my work you'll know where it's from.

Sometimes a bit of darkness seeps in as its hard to avoid - I'm allowing it all to be processed figuring that if I deal with it visually then I can see what's uppermost in my subconscious. My attitude is to have a balance of the light and the dark and the light is winning hands down at the moment. A great song to accompany these images is called " I See a Darkness" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Search for it in Itunes, it'll cost you $1.69 if you have an account. Its spine-tingling stuff.

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Linda Knight said...

love the work Darren, really wonderful - especially the foodstuffs xxx