Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Back after awhile stuck in horspital enduring torture, boredom and long dark nights of the soul. Its been good toughening and cleansing in a way but I wouldn't wish anyone to go through it.

A few works today show what we in the industry call "w.i.p.s": works in progress. That little acronym reminds me of when I started at Disney, they were a few of us there secreted away, sad little dessicated creatures taking shelter from the big bad outside world who had worked for every man and his dog, but inside Disney it was different. It reminded me of the world in Logan's Run, all very artificial with people walking around with this false sense of security and purpose and an aura of certainty. Those of us from the outside world were the ones walking around whispering that this was a world built on artifice and fantasy and that anyone in reality would be looking to what was next in there future career. Unfortunately a few of those former folks had to find out the hard way, most realised and saw the house of mouse cards slowly topling. Where "wip" got me reminiscing was because if ever one us "worldlies" would use it, in conversation or in a naming convention, it would cause confusion and in some cases merry hell particularly in the delicately orchestrated world of the naming convenvention.

See you next time...