Monday, August 2, 2010


Thought I'd try to be topical since that's what's bombarding us every time we turn on the TV these days. I've been up all night attempting to capture the essence of this very strange man. He really is a gift to a caricaturist, there is something inherently creepy about that forced grin/grimace and his slightly askance little weasel eyes which are too far apart on his head. He has a massive forehead and desperate hair which seems to be clinging on for dear life. If I was a kid again I reckon he would give me nightmares, he reminds me of Anthony Perkins in Psycho. I'd be interested to know if I've achieved a likeness, sometimes you can get close but just miss the mark.

Tomorrow its Julia's turn - it'll be all nose, neck, hair and padded shoulders methinks. 

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Rodney said...


love it!

Wheres the speedos?