Monday, August 23, 2010


You may have noticed that my work veers wildly from one style to another. I put this down to a few things. Firstly it has a lot to do with being primarily a satirist at heart, I can't take anything seriously. Even my most deadly sombre work has an element of humour in it if you look hard enough. Can't help myself. Secondly, working in animation and also as a satirist, your constantly aping other styles and techniques, so you become a bit of a chameleon anyway. Thirdly when I have an art direction gig my main task is to find the style for the project and automate it so that everyone else working on the project falls into line and you have a cohesive whole that appears to be done by one idividual.

This brings me to the gist of today's entry. In an attempt to escape from my reverting back to the tics and habits I always fall back on I force myself to wear different artistic hats. The hope is that I will create new and fresh directions that don't look like stuff I've done before. Usually I don't achieve this but every now and then peaking between the wobbly lines and rough pencilling I will see the tiniest glimpse of an alternative voice speaking that I don't recognise. It's as exciting as panning for gold, most of my work is as useless and boring as gravel but occassionally a little shiny piece of heaven will catch the light. This is what makes it all worthwile my friends.

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