Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Second session of the hardcore chemo, on Monday. Not as badly affected this time, my body must be getting used to the poison. I even had a Guinness last night with 'Sick-Bed-Invading-Lady-Jesus-Liesl'.

Here are some collagey things. I like playing with shape and colour and arranging the elements to produce an appealing end result. The aim is that something of yourself will seep into the final product. Somebody else would choose completely different colours and arrange the elements in a way that pleases them. What you get then, is a reflection of the individual's taste and mindset at that particular moment. This would be a very interesting experiment: select a pile of collage elements and give each person the exact same pieces. Leave them to make a number of pictures each without the influence of other participants. At the end it would be interesting to see how different or how similar each persons was and what that said about each person and where their head was at at that particular moment. It's all rather abstract but often in abstraction we can find more meaning than in specific representational images.

Anyway enough blah blah from me the last image of the Carney's painted in their true colours, may be an important breakthrough thematically for our show. The clownish, circus, sideshow freak thing has been done to death I know, but I still think it has some mileage particularly for our family. The best way to get through a crisis is to put on your clown suit and behave like an idiot.

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