Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My next little lot of stuff will be about painting and paint, shape and abstraction and colour and how it plays together and sometimes works and sometimes falls apart.

The reason I love watercolour paint is the way it follows it own course. Paint hitting wet paper does wondrous things. It spreads and grows with branchlike tendrils, I get mesmerised watching it. Sometimes that’s all you want the picture to be but often times it will change once its finished spreading or will not look so exciting when it dries. The same feeling comes from cutting things out and sticking them together to create something new. Collage or whatever you want to call it takes drawing out of the making of art and it is always enjoyable to cut and glue and position because this is something we have done since we were small and it has a playfulness to it.

The overriding theme of this entry is probably that the act of the making is more important or just as important as the end product. Being fully immersed and enjoying every minute of the process is the reason I do what I do and if you are more focussed on creating the end product than the actual experience of creating something then you are doing art for the wrong reasons. I don’t think most musicians think they are making a hit song everytime they pick up their instrument and have a play.

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