Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Here is the first almost finished painting. I say almost finished because it think I could keep working on each one for an indefinable time frame. Which I suppose is the beauty of working for no one but yourself and the rest of the universe.

Anyway here is my step by step progress, saved as incremental jpgs - a good thing to do because sometimes my wonderful Mac decides its time for a little sleep. Where I'm sure it dreams of frollicking with other perforated metallic frontaged towers.

If your after analysis, this is one of those journal page drawings I would have done on the train home from work. Its typically after a long day of pushing pixels around in the hope I will produce something that will elicit an excited reaction from a director or producer. Hence whenever I put pen to paper after days like this its usually to let the pen off its leash and go for a good old run around. If it wants to take a dump, roll in shit or sniff another pens end, I will be more than accommodating.

Enjoy... but don't assume its finished yet. Its never finished...

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