Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm creating my own adversarial challenge here by setting myself a target to meet as if I was a particularly demanding pain in the arse client or boss. This is how I work when I have a big pile of stuff to get through. I open it all up and prep it all then work on bits of all of it until hopefully I finish it all. This approach comes from the days of producing awful, awful TV animation where invariably you would be expected to produce 10 - 15 painted backgrounds a day and someone was usually standing over you to make sure you did. Good training in how to be fast but not good for the nerves. So here I have a collection of 23 sketches, roughs, ideas - call them what you like - what I'm demanding of myself is the target of transforming all of them into finished artworks. The deadline being... haha, I love a deadline... at two a week that makes it roughly 10 weeks or lets say 3 months to complete them all. I will provide updates and work in progress stuff as I go along.

My goal is to have digital artwork that can be printed on archival paper in limited editions and maybe will be for sale or exhibited. We'll see how we go. Watch this space...

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Daddy himself! said...

Hi, there, Carney-one!
I must say that I love those sketches. I really do love'em!
I want to get one of them printed!!
Okay, I just wanted to drop u a line and tell u, that ur work is great. Impressive!
And I hope to see more of it, soon!! I'll be round here!!
Regards from Mexico!!