Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Back again after a few weeks absence. The latest assignment I've been attacking involves bikes. The interesting thing is they are supposed to be bikes cobbled together by kids out of whatever they can lay their hands on. Herein lies the fun. Its a good mental exercise to imagine what bit of discarded junk could function as a bike part, especially if one is thinking with a child's sense of possibilities - because that really opens things up. My criteria was that it would have to work if it were to be built for real.

Of course if this project gets off the ground the bikes will possibly be constructed in some kind of 3D software so it would be better if they had a solid design. Which is a stretch to achieve in just two days of work and obviously there will be the usual laborious refinement process. I always prefer the stuff that is evacuated unedited from the fetid pit of my febrile mind.


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